Lawyer Daniel Warner: Smart, Successful & Straightforward

Lawyer Daniel Warner: Smart, Successful & Straightforward

Photographic Memory = Exceptional Lawyering

Dan Warner is an exceptional lawyer and litigator. A named partner at Kelly / Warner, PLLC, Daniel is one of those rare humans with a photographic memory – a natural advantage on which many of his clients rely. Why? Because he is able to quickly see the “whole picture” and develop a course of action most likely to succeed.

Straightforward Is The Only Way

Another characteristic that makes Dan Warner a great lawyer is his “no bull” approach. A native New Yorker, Warner, from the first consultation, is always upfront with potential clients. If you have a solid case, he’ll let you know. If you don’t, he’ll let you know – not string you along for the sake of his own bank account.

Dan Warner Graduated At The Top Of His Law Class

Warner graduated at the top of his Cooley Law School class and went on to earn one of the highest multi-state bar exam scores that year. After school, he first practiced at an AV-rated practice in Arizona. After gaining the necessary experience, he left to help grown his colleague Aaron Kelly’s then solo practice. Today, Kelly / Warner is a well-respected firm dealing with 21st century legal issues, like online defamation, Internet marketing, e-tailing and just about any issue faced by businesses operating in the digital marketplace.

Critical Thinker At Large

What does Daniel Warner enjoy most about the law? “I love the critical thinking aspect of law,” he explained. “A lot of lawyers are OK with writing the same contracts every day, but I love how each case is unique and requires a slightly different approach.” Warner also philosophized, “Being an attorney isn’t about ‘arguing,’ it is about knowing what arguments will win the day, and which are only filler.”

An Attorney For Individuals and Businesses

Dan Warner works with individuals, in addition to small and big businesses – and he treats everyone the same. He attacks a personal online defamation case with the same veracity as a case concerning a Fortune 500 firm.

Daniel Warner Wins The Impossible Cases

Warner is a wiz at “David v. Goliath” cases. In a landmark judgment, he represented an individual against a multi-billion-dollar insurance company – and won! Not only did he win, but the ruling stuck during the appeals process, and Warner was able to collect the award on behalf of his client.

A Multidisciplinary Attorney

Lawyer Daniel Warner is a multidisciplinary attorney that concentrates on issues related to digital life, including:

  • Online Defamation;
  • Cybersquatting / Domain Disputes;
  • Online Copyright and Trademarks;
  • Technology Trade Secrets;
  • Online Trade Libel;
  • FTC Marketing Compliance; and
  • Online Privacy / Hacking.

Get In Touch Today

If you’re an individual who is dealing with an unfortunate online reputation attack, a startup looking for legal counsel, a marketers being investigated by the FTC or anybody with any type of Internet law issue, contact Daniel Warner. He’s the attorney you want on your side because he’s exceptionally good at what he does – Internet law litigation and counsel. Plus, he’ll take your budget into account.

You have nothing to lose. Give a quick call today (1-866-570-8585). The solution to your problem may be a lot less time consuming and costly than you think.